Wednesday, December 19, 2012


     As crazy as it may seem to any normal person reading this, my wife was not madly in love with me the first time we saw each other.  I know what you're thinking "she has got to be crazy."  You're right! I think so too!  How could she not want me immediately?  Exactly my thoughts! Oh...that's not what you were thinking?

     The truth is this.  Allison and I were friends for five years before we ever started dating.  We had a great time hanging out together, laughing and just having fun with our friends and each other.  Our friendship was great, but there was a point that I had to make a conscious decision.  I had to pursue her.

     Our relationship with God is the same way.  There are a number of Christians that go to church, and they wait for the entertainment to start.  If it's a good sermon or there is really good music, then they are happy.  Then they go home and wait until the next time they go to church  to have their next experience with God.  The sad thing is, for many Christians that's the sum of the Christian life.....boring and lifeless.  I want you to know, that is not what God has intended it to be like.

     In Isaiah 55:6 it states, "Seek the Lord while he may be found; call on him while he is near."  God calls us to a life that is centered on pursuit of Him.  What does it mean to pursue God?  It means that we are daily seeking Him and choosing to honor Him with every part of our lives. It means that Jesus becomes the central focus of everything that you do.  Have you ever asked God to give you a hunger for His Word?  Have you ever really asked God to use your life for His glory?  Have you ever prayed that God would use you to make an impact for His kingdom?

     I'm a bigger sports fan than anybody.  I am. I love football, basketball, baseball and tons of other sports.  But there is a problem when Christians are more excited about their sports team than their creator.  There is a problem when they're more concerned with their team winning a game than they are with whether or not their friend knows Jesus.  The problem is that many Christians have bought into the lie that pursuing their hobby is more exciting or more fulfilling than pursuing God!  Don't buy into that lie!

     The creator of the entire universe, the God who spoke life into existence, calls you to come after Him.  It's time to not just read about Jesus.  It's time to not just read about His miracles.  It's time to stop playing church.  God is calling to you and saying follow me.  It may not be safe, and it may not be easy, but you could never imagine the joy and the adventure that God has planned for you if you choose to pursue Him.          

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